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what to do before trading in iphone?

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what to do before trading in iphone? There are few important things to do before trading in iphone or sell. Things like backing up, signing out of iCloud and doing a factory reset are crucial things we show you how to do in this article. Additionally, we discuss the steps you to take to ensure your data and information is removed and the iPhone is ready for the next someone to use.

what to do before trading in iphone
what to do before trading in iphone

what to do before trading in iphone

Before trading in iphone, you must unpair the other devices connected to your iPhone, backup all your applications and data, and erase all your personal data and personal accounts in order to be ready for the new owner. This can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. If you already connected your Apple Watch to your iPhone, unpair it.. (See the article Unpair and wipe your Apple Watch in the Apple Support section.)
  2. iPhone backup. You can utilise the setup assistant to restore the backup to your new iPhone if you decide to switch from one iPhone to another.
  3. You may transfer your applications and data from one iPhone to another by using extra free storage in iCloud if you're replacing your iPhone with another device you already own. Follow the onscreen directions after going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Get Started.
  4. Log out of iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. Scroll down to Sign Out, enter your Apple ID password, and then tap Turn Off under Settings > [your name].
  5. Delete all personal information-containing settings and content. When you erase your iPhone, Activation Lock is turned off if you had previously enabled Find My, making your iPhone available to a new owner.

We've learned how to prepare your previous iPhone for trading in iphone, including turning off Find My, wiping your iPhone, and more. For more understanding, we recommend that you watch this video from Apple Support.

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