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Top 10 Magento Hosting Guide for Your Online Shop

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In this post, we'll outline some of the top magento hosting options available right now and explain how they may help you create a functioning online store.

magento hosting
magento hosting

Top 10 Magento Hosting Guide for Your Online Shop

  • Just why Magento Hosting?

Although Magento may not be as well-known as WordPress, WooCommerce, or Shopify, it is still a fantastic system. Magento's versatility and speed, which are uncommon in other CMS systems, are the key reasons developers and company owners choose it for their projects.

You may create online stores using Magento that are:

  • fully adaptable.
  • optimised for SEO.
  • goog_2067018633Developer-friendly \sHigh-converting.

Additionally, Magento is an open-source CMS designed for e-commerce sites with high traffic and customisation needs. With more than 250,000 active sites being tracked, it now has a 12 percent market share. Bulgari, Land Rover, Nike, Vizio, and Olympus are a few well-known websites that use Magento.

Magento requires a hosting provider that can boost its special features because it has some of them. Let's look at some of the top hosting solutions for Magento e-commerce site development.


One of the most popular managed Magento Cloud hosting options available, Nexcess is incredibly fast and adaptable. With its top-notch features, it will assist you in scaling, accelerating, and expanding your online business. Additionally, they have a gifted, committed team of support personnel that are knowledgeable with Magento and will practically set things up for you if you run into any difficulties.

Among the several characteristics worth noticing are the following:

  • No-downtime, rapid and simple migration
  • Quick asset caching
  • Team management capabilities with user-controlled 1-click installation
  • daily automated backups to guard against data loss
  • goog_2067018634built-in safety

Plans start at at $49/month, but you may first take advantage of their 30-day free trial.


The selling point of Kamatera is its ability to quickly configure cloud servers. They have 13 data centres, including ones in New York, London, and Hong Kong, spread over 4 continents. They provide Magento and other CMS systems for rapid implementation.

What is offered by Kamatera hosting for Magento is as follows:

  • 40 Gbit public and private networking speedy Intel Platinum 8270 CPU SSD storage
  • 256 GB of RAM and 64 vCPUs maximum per server
  • Dedicated assets
  • a simple cloud administration interface

With 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB of SSD storage, and 5 TB of internet traffic, the starting price is $4 per month. Plans can cost as much as $96 per month. Kamatera is available for a free 30-day trial.

A2 Hosting

Since its debut in 2008, A2 has been hosting Magento. With its Turbo and Managed VPS plans, A2 guarantees Magento hosting that is quick, safe, and dependable. Their claim to fame is that they can deliver websites 20 times faster than other web hosting.

You don't have to wing it when it comes to speeding up your website with A2 Hosting. For maximum performance and security, Magento is pre-installed.

A2 Hosting also provides the following services:

  • 24/7/365 client assistance.
  • Free account switching.
  • Money-back promise at any time.
  • 99.99 percent availability.
  • Free of charge DDoS and HackScan protection.

For a brief period of time, A2 Hosting for Magento is now on sale. The Managed VPS plan costs $32.99 per month (formerly $49.99), while the Turbo plan costs $9.31 per month (previously $18.99). Both packages provide with access to the Turbo servers, unlimited sites and databases, free SSL, and SSD.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting offers safe, dependable, and quick hosting for your Magento website, enabling it to be high-performing and conversion-focused. With only one click, you can install the Magento CMS, and you have the option to move your current website from another hosting provider to Scala Hosting for no extra charge.

You may choose automatic updates with Scala Hosting to keep up with new versions without wasting time manually installing them all. Web Attacks Blocker, which is built on a mod security module, is also used to optimise it. Additionally, it is strong enough to prevent hostile and suspicious assaults before they happen.

Their Magento hosting plans provide you an amazing and enjoyable experience with the dedicated firewall protection function. Installation and configuration are also included, and they are both completely free. In order to protect your server from harmful intent, anti-malware software also conducts malware scanning and eradication procedures.

Scala Hosting offers regular backup procedures to restore your website and data, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your data is secure with them. But if something goes wrong, you may contact the tech support staff and get your website restored in a matter of seconds. Whether they are using a desktop or a mobile device, give your users a wonderful experience with your website's lightning-fast page loading speed.

Your website will load quicker thanks to the SpeedBoost Caching Plugin, which also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by SLA. Additionally, your website will be hosted on the most recent quad-core Intel CPUs so that you may experience the dependability and performance of the future generation. Selecting the right server location from among European and US data centres will aid in boosting your website's SEO.

A domain, SSL certificate, SEO analysis, SEO tools, control panel, and CDN are all provided without charge by Scala Hosting. Starting at $3.95 per month, the cost is.


For all types of users, Cloudways provides to host Magento. For businesses, developers, entrepreneurs, and agencies, it offers special benefits. Cloudways provides all of its clients with quick cloud hosting thanks to its own quick content delivery network. For Magento-powered e-commerce sites, Cloudways leverages the optimised stack to ensure quick loading times.

The highlights of Cloudways are as follows:

  • ready servers for PHP 7.
  • Hosting in a dedicated SSD environment.
  • Free Installation of SSL with Magento Full Page Cache.
  • automatic server repair.
  • Payment-by-use pricing scheme.
  • supervised migrations.

The benefit of Cloudways is that you have the option of using DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, or Vultr to host your store. You can host close to your audience because there are more provider alternatives for data centre locations.


The final Magento hosting platform you'll ever need, according to Hypernode. Hypernode-powered Magento shops are quick and safe to use. The Hypernode home page claims that sites who move to its hosting get a speed gain of 167 percent.

To ensure ideal site speed and simpler development, Hypernode collaborated with Magento specialists. Site administrators may keep an eye on potential threats and vulnerabilities using a programme called MageReport.

Hypernode also has:

  • hosting using SSD.
  • Magento malware scanner with advanced caching using Varnish, Redis, and PHP 7.2.
  • Automated SSL backups with real-time, round-the-clock monitoring from Let's Encrypt.

Hypernode Development nodes start at €55 per month, while production nodes start at €69 per month, respectively, under the pricing structure for Magento hosting. A dedicated IP, automatic backups, the option of server location, Magento development tools, and MageReport Premium are features included in all plans.

AWS Amazon

Using Amazon's AWS, you may create a Magento website. Magento is immediately installed on the AWS cloud through the QuickStart procedure. To develop with Magento, you must first create an AWS account. You are given a comprehensive starting guide.

It will take 30 to 60 minutes for each Magento deployment. Both new and current VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) are capable of hosting Magento.

Utilizing AWS to host Magento On Amazon, you'll receive:

  • Accessibility to a large number of AWS services.
  • Auto-scaling for increases in traffic.

If you anticipate receiving millions of visitors per day, pay-as-you-go AWS may be a viable choice. its business-ready remedy.

Google Cloud Platform

Hosting Magento sites on Google's platform is a good decision if you value the security and high-quality hosting the company can provide. However, this approach necessitates technical expertise and is not suitable for common consumers. Magento is available on GCP through Bitnami.

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A typical Bitnami setup consists of:

  • disc space of 10 GB.
  • Memory of 3.7 GB, 1 vCPU.

It costs $24.75 per month to host a Magento website using this strategy.


For Magento websites, Elastycloud enables one-click deployment. It offers Magento-powered, high-performing e-commerce shops using the Google Cloud infrastructure. Google Cloud is used to cache and store images.

When you join up for Elastycloud, anticipate receiving the following:

  • Let's Encrypt SSL certificates without cost.
  • free tools for Magento developers.
  • Speed and security with real-time, round-the-clock Google Cloud monitoring.

You are charged based on CPU and data transfer consumption that is monitored in one-minute increments.

Enterprise-level hosting with potent integrated tools is available from Using the Git-driven process, developers and site administrators may install Magento 2. Magento sites may test and launch campaigns with the help of this hosting solution without affecting the entire website.

You may also be guaranteed that hosting will manage traffic spikes without a problem.

Additional information on's features:

  • worldwide deployment of many clouds.
  • SSD-based hosting and round-the-clock client service.'s entry-level development package is $10 per month with the possibility of add-ons ($10 for each new user and $21/three extra environments). Professional plans cost from $50 to $1080 per month, while enterprise plans are $1250 per month.


A reputable web hosting company in the UK is Krystal Hosting. Krystal would be the first option if your company has a legal or regulatory duty to host site or customer data in the UK or EU.

It includes unlimited site hosting, 100% SSD support, and round-the-clock customer assistance. The business has a smaller impact on the environment because it runs on renewable energy.

Some noteworthy traits include:

  • 16x quicker webpages are delivered with Lite Speed caching.
  • Lifetime free domain.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, free SSL for all hosted domains.

Plans begin at £29.99/month (Sapphire) and go up to £59.99/month (Diamond) and £99.99/month (Pearl) (Tanzanite). All options include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting for websites.

Recap Magento Hosting

Making the right hosting decision is difficult but essential to success. Any of the aforementioned options are excellent choices, and the best part is that most of them come with a trial period and a money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose.

You can choose a hosting platform with the ideal number of features that matter to you. By doing it this way, you get your money's value and may easily create a Magento website.

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