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Google Ads Code for Website Step by Step

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Google Ads Code for Website Step by Step

Are you tired of searching for google ads code for website?. You're in the right article, you will learn the right way, step by step, for WordPress sites and Blogger blogs.

google ads code for website

Contextual advertising is one of the finest ways to monetize and market your site, and Google AdSense is the most ideal network for that. You'll discover what Google Adsense is, how to sign up for it, and how to embed its code into your website in this post.

What Exactly is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a contextual ad network that serves as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. It operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) premise, which means that publishers get compensated each time someone clicks on an ad on their website. Naturally, the more visitors you have, the more likely you are to obtain ad clicks.

Working with Google AdSense has a number of advantages:

  • Many advertisements to choose from.
  • There is complete security given.
  • It is completely free to join.
  • Advertisements are usually related to the content and aren't obtrusive.

What is the maximum amount of money you can make using Google AdSense? The degree of competition inside the specialty determines the revenue. Insurance and lending are the most profitable areas, with publishers earning more than one dollar each click. Ad placement, audience interests, and ad formats all have an impact on revenue. The CPC rate differs from nation to country as well.

Because webmasters have limited control over advertising from ad blockers, they may be incompatible with the website's content. If you run a travel blog, for example, your readers may see adverts for real estate, vehicles, and other services that aren't relevant to them.

You may join affiliate marketing networks to monetize your website while avoiding presenting useless content. 

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For example Impact, this network includes many sites that support the affiliate system from various fields such as insurance, health, web hosting and many more.

How to register for Google Adsense

To allow Google AdSense to display adverts on your site, you must first register a free account. You have the option of using your existing Google account or creating a new one.

You'll be asked to enter the URL of your website, select your country, and provide your full name, address, and phone number.

After you've completed the registration, you'll have to wait a few days for adsense approval After this you will take your publisher code and place it under the <head> in your HTML template..

How to Add Google Ads Code for Website

Depending on your blogging platform, the method differs. Instructions for HTML, WordPress, and Blogger-based websites may be found below.

  • HTML Website (Blogger)

Once your account has been authorized by Google, log in and look for your HTML code under the "AdSense Setup" page. Because you may choose between words and pictures, as well as their combinations, you have the greatest AdSense forms at your disposal. After you've decided on an ad format, copy the code and paste it into your website.

How to Add Google Ads Code for Website

Here are some suggestions for AdSense placement:

    • In your major HTML pages, place the code in the "Main Content" or "Sidebar" zones, but not in the website's Footer or Sidebar. Consider experimenting with different ad sizes and generating responsive advertisements.
    • From the main dashboard in Blogger, choose "Theme", then choose "Edit HTML", then search for <data:post.body/> and if you want the ad to appear at the beginning of the article, paste your ad unit at the top of the code you searched for. if you wanted to put it at the bottom of the article, put it under the code you searched for.
    • Many blogger templates have places dedicated to ads. You can go to "Layout" and paste the ad unit in the places designated for ads inside the blogger template.

The advertisements will then automatically identify the niche, subject, or product data on your HTML website. They "understand" which adverts will relate to your site content and deliver them to your webpage since they can read the language on the webpages. Keep file copies of your webpages and to prevent being blacklisted avoid clicking on your own adverts.

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  • WordPress Websites

Only if you use WordPress CMS or have a paid subscription to or can you add codes. Blog monetization is not possible with free plans.

Depending on whether you want to modify the theme in the future, there are two ways to add AdSense code to a WordPress website.

If you don't intend to modify your website's theme, add AdSense code as follows:

    • The WordPress dashboard is now open.
    • Locate and choose the "Editor" option.
    • Select the Theme Header from the Theme files.
    • Place the code after the <head> tag or &lt;head&gt; in the middle of your page's tags.
    • To confirm changes, click the "Update File" button.

Insert AdSense code in the following method to be able to alter the theme in the future:

    • Install the Headers and Footers plugin for WordPress.
    • Toggle between the header and footer scripts in Settings.
    • Add the code to the page.
    • To validate changes, press "Save Settings" or "Update."
    • Check the box and then click "Done."
google ads code for website wordpress

After that, you should wait for clearance before beginning to create and add adverts to your website. You may use ready-made plugins like Ad Inserter or WP QUADS to put advertising inside articles.

Consider the following

To begin, ensure that placing adverts on your website will not harm your brand's growth. If you haven't established authority yet, promoting the products and services of other firms may distract your potential clients.

To avoid being banned and losing investments later, it is critical to follow the policies at all times. One of the most essential things to remember is to avoid clicking on your own advertisements. Furthermore, your website should only provide original material.

When it comes to ad settings, keep in mind that you can only have three ad units per page. As a result, you should avoid selecting the lowest or biggest formats. The first is unnoticeable, whereas the latter has an impact on the user experience.

Another essential consideration is ad placement. Certain portions of a website are seen to be more profitable for advertising than others. It's advisable, for example, to put a banner near the primary material so that it doesn't distract readers. Everything, however, is dependent on the website design. Furthermore, proper placement is a result of experience. As a result, it's critical to integrate AdSense with Google Analytics in order to test different ad locations and determine which is the most profitable.

Many additional ad networks, in addition to Google AdSense, will allow you to make money from travel blogging, which you might check into while monetizing your website.

Finally, if you want to make a lot of money using AdSense, you need a lot of visitors. Also, social media traffic is likely to result in less money than predicted, so don't set unrealistic expectations.

Recap Google Ads Code for Website

AdSense is a fantastic advertising tool for monetizing your site.

You'll need to apply for Google approval first, and then you can start to work if your website qualifies. You'll need to add AdSense code to your site to start earning, however the procedure varies significantly depending on the blogging platform.

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However, it is critical to select the appropriate advertising and arrange them in the most effective manner possible. In addition to contextual adverts, travel affiliate networks can help you generate money on your site.

To conclude this article, in order to get the google ads code for website, you have to go to the main control page in Adsense and copy your code.

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