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Google Ads Alternative Guide Top 10 Google Adwords Alternatives

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Google Ads Alternative Guide Top 10 Google Adwords Alternatives

Are you interested in a google ads alternative? we've collected top 10 google adwords alternatives.

When it comes to sponsored search, Google Ads has reigned supreme in recent years. Millions of businesses have been spending large sums of money on bought traffic to their websites, taking advantage of the billions of daily searches available.

google ads alternative

However, with so much rivalry among businesses, the cost per click on Google Ads is only increasing. Some cost per clicks can exceed $100 in several mature and saturated areas, such as banking and law.

Many small and local businesses are increasingly seeking for cheaper options to boost their return on investment since costs are too expensive for them.

There are a variety of different ad networks to choose from depending on the product or service you're advertising. Not only is the competition on these alternative networks generally lower, but the cost per click is frequently lower as well.

These Google Ads alternatives are likely to help you boost your marketing efforts, whether you're conducting retargeting, location, or user intent campaigns.

Here are the Google Ads alternatives you're looking for, in no particular order.

Top 10 Google Adwords Alternatives

  • Bing Ads

Excellent for:

    • Search advertising at a lower cost
    • Advertisements for affiliate marketing

Bing, the most popular Google rival, has been operating since mid-2009, when Microsoft integrated many of its search engines. Bing is the third most popular search engine in October 2018, with 4.58 percent of total query volume, after Baidu (14.45 percent) and Google (14.45 percent) (77 percent ).

Bing, like Google, offers paid search advertising in the form of adverts that appear on the search engine results page. Bing is a wonderful complement to any marketing plan since it has a lower cost per click than Google Ads and less restrictions on adverts.

In addition to Bing, the service also powers the majority of Yahoo search, which is now part of its ad network. This implies that if you use Bing Advertisements, your ads will also appear on Yahoo search.

Bing Ads, like Google Ads, includes a number of useful tools, including its own keyword research tool, to help you make the most of your campaign. If you're seeking for a straight Google Ads replacement, this is the closest you'll get!

  • AdRoll

Excellent for:

    • eCommerce marketing campaigns
    • Audience targeting that is more advanced

AdRoll, which was founded in 2007, is an all-in-one advertising platform that not only simplifies advertising for businesses, but also brings together over 500 advertising networks. Many of the networks on this list, including Instagram, Yahoo, Outbrain, and Taboola, are being used by AdRoll to assist businesses get their message in front of the right audience.

AdRoll, which specializes in remarketing campaigns, tracks users around the internet to guarantee that your advertising are seen throughout the customer's journey. AdRoll is definitely worth a try if you're an eCommerce company trying to boost your paid marketing efforts. It's packed with buyer profiles, AI predictions, and extensive tracking. This could be the Google Ads alternative you're searching for, with a bold promise that its clients earn a 500 percent return on ad expenditure on average.

  • Amazon Ads

Excellent for:

    • Alternative to Google Shopping
    • Physical Assets

Amazon, the world's largest online marketing platform, requires no introduction to internet customers. Amazon began as an online book seller in the 1990s and has since evolved to become one of the world's largest corporations, dominating most marketplaces.

To target customers at the conclusion of their purchase process, Amazon now provides a variety of paid advertisements, including sponsored listings, display ads, and video ads.

Unlike people who browse on Google for information, most Amazon users are nearing the end of their shopping trip. They've chosen to purchase a specific item; all they have to do now is figure out how much to spend and which brand to choose.

You may put yourself towards the top of the search results with Amazon PPC advertisements, ensuring that your product is discovered and increasing the odds of conversions.

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Amazon also has its own ad network, which covers a variety of services and websites that they control, so your ad may display on websites that are not affiliated with Amazon. If you offer physical things and already utilize Google Shopping, Amazon advertisements may be the best option for you.

  • Outbrain

Excellent for:

    • Promotion of content
    • Advertisement that is native

Unlike the other networks on this list, Outbrain is a content discovery platform that assists marketers in using native advertising to promote their content. Don't worry if all those terms sound confused; they just indicate that they assist you in getting readers to read your material.

Outbrain, which was founded in 2006, now has an ad network of over 100,000 websites, including CNN, the Guardian, MSN, and Sky News. If you go to these websites and read an article, you'll get recommendations at the bottom of the page. Outbrain powers all of these sites, which draw millions of relevant people each month. With a lower click-through rate.

Outbrain just announced its merger with Taboola, another content discovery platform. When the merger is finalized, the corporation will have a massive network of websites with about 2 billion monthly visitors.

The firm expects that by merging, they would be able to compete with Facebook and Google Ads on a larger scale. Outbrain is a must-try if you want to bring relevant people to your blog material and maybe convert them into conversions.

  • LinkedIn Ads

Excellent for:

    • Advertising for business-to-business (B2B) and events (Events)

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms, with millions of business professionals wanting to connect and cooperate.

LinkedIn now boasts more than 630 million active business professionals. Look no further if you're wanting to bring your SaaS or B2B business in front of key decision-makers inside a firm. LinkedIn Ads is ideal for getting your product or service discovered by the appropriate people since it allows you to target users based on their job title, function, industry, and more.

If you've tried and failed to run SaaS and B2B advertisements on Google Ads, then LinkedIn Ads should be your next move. With so many complex targeting choices and pricing methods, such as CPC and CPM, entering the B2B market has never been easier (or more affordable)!

Why continue to spend money on general users when you can particularly target business professionals with a variety of adverts such as text, sponsored content, and in-mail?

  • Instagram Ads

Excellent for:

    • Product placement for leisure items
    • Advertising that becomes viral and gets shared on social media

Instagram, the home of the social media influencer, has risen in popularity in recent years, having a significant impact on how firms promote to their customers. Instagram, which was founded in 2010 and purchased by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, is now part of the Facebook advertising network.

Instagram is all about lifestyle items and viral marketing, and it's extremely popular among millennials. Ads may be shown as stories, photographs, videos, and more within the Instagram app, which has over 500 million monthly active users. To maximize optimum conversions, maintain the transition from Instagram to checkout as easy as possible.

Location, hobbies, demographics, and lookalike audiences are just a few of the targeting choices available through Facebook's advertising system. Unlike Facebook advertisements, however, Instagram ads are more engaging, with built-in "swipe up" call to actions and interactive polls, buttons, and sliders.

Instagram, which is extremely popular among fashion and beauty firms, allows advertisers to get their items in front of shoppers considerably more effectively than Google's search advertisements.

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  • Facebook Ads

Excellent for:

    • Identifying new markets
    • Algorithmic targeting with advanced features

Facebook, which is familiar to billions of people all over the world, was the first firm to gain major money from social media advertising. Since its inception, Facebook has expanded to become the world's largest social media network, as well as acquiring other social media platforms (such as Instagram). Facebook is now the market leader in social media advertising, and it is constantly introducing new advertising and targeting tools to its system, allowing marketers to better target people.

Advertisers may currently pick from a variety of ad formats, including video, picture, collection, carousel, slideshow, and more, to increase product interaction. Facebook Ads have been quite popular due to their numerous targeting possibilities, including their popular "lookalike audiences" feature, which discovers comparable people who are likely to convert.

Facebook Ads are typically utilized to target millennials owing to their use of the network. They are suitable for most companies and markets. Due to its enormous scale and interaction from consumers, Facebook Ads is worth checking out whether you're offering a real product or a service. With billions of users on the site, there is an audience for almost any topic.

  • Reddit Ads

Excellent for:

    • Exceptionally focused traffic
    • Millennials and Generation Z are difficult to reach

Reddit, the world's most popular discussion board, with 1.6 billion monthly visits and has debates and communities on just about any topic you can think of. They are quite popular among US citizens, accounting for 55 percent of the userbase, which is ideal if you're searching for a new or alternative advertising channel to target clients with.

Reddit, like Facebook and Instagram, displays sponsored posts in the feeds of users who are likely to convert. Campaigns may also be tailored to a user's geography, hobbies, and subreddit preferences. One of the most common tactics is to utilize sponsored posts to target a certain subreddit, since they are ideal for attracting specialized visitors.

Reddit advertising have a lower CPC than Google Ads, making them an excellent option to attract relevant visitors to your site. Reddit Ads are a terrific approach to grab more of the market if you're wanting to get into a fresh audience that's typically missed by other advertisers.

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  • Twitter Ads

Excellent for:

    • Hashtag targeting is a type of event targeting

Twitter, a microblogging website that was launched in 2006, is another major social media network that competes with Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is home to millions of influencers and business experts, thanks to its famed character limit (which was expanded in 2017).

If you're a B2B company, Twitter Ads are an excellent complement to LinkedIn Ads for maximum exposure.

Twitter may be a terrific tool to market services, establish your brand, and grow your social media following because so many business professionals use it.

One of Twitter's most popular features is the ability to target people using hashtags. As a result, you'll be able to pinpoint hot topics, events, and niches with incredible precision.

This not only helps you get your advertising in front of the proper people, but it also guarantees you don't spend for clicks that aren't relevant. Location, user interests, and the followers of a single Twitter account are some of the other targeting options.

There are several ways to use the power of Twitter Ads, regardless of the product or service you're offering. It's also a superb Google Ads competitor because of its big user base and targeting choices.

  • Snapchat Ads

Excellent for:

    • Mobile advertising with a generation-z focus

Because members of generation z are using Facebook and Instagram less and less, many of them are only utilizing Snapchat to communicate with their pals. Snapchat Ads is a must-use if your target demographic is largely younger consumers.

Because Snapchat is only available on smartphone and tablet devices, it's a great way to reach out to mobile people. It's the ideal technique to drive folks to the App / Play store quickly if you're wanting to advertise a mobile app to users. With over 210 million people using the app on a daily basis, and 38% of them not using Facebook or Instagram, it might be a terrific method to reach out to new consumers.

The majority of advertising are displayed in full screen mode, providing your business maximum exposure and improving the likelihood of engagement. Snapchat Ads are still very new and are fantastic for garnering inexpensive clicks. They are now employed by huge businesses all around the world, like Wendy's, Pirate Kings, and Vivint.

Even if you now have a better understanding of the top Google Ads alternatives available, it's still crucial to realize that Google Ads is still the king for the time being. Other ad networks may be able to assist you reach users who aren't reachable through Google in some cases. However, with millions of people accessing Google every day, you should always strive to take use of it, even if it's only a branded campaign for advertising promoting your own brand.

So don't think about google ads alternative unless you have a big problem with Google Ads.

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