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8 Techniques semrush link building

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8 Techniques semrush link building

Although building backlinks might appear difficult, it is nevertheless one of the most efficient SEO tactics. We'll show you how to increase your website's rating with eight semrush link building tactics.

8 Techniques semrush link building

What is a backlink?

When an external website links back to yours, you get a backlink. Backlinks should refer to a specific page on your site, such as a blog post or a product page.

Backlinks from websites that are relevant to your topic or specialty perform best. Links from link farms, gambling websites, or pornographic websites will not help you improve your position and may even cause Google to penalize your site.

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Why are backlinks more important for a website?

Backlinks function similarly to a qualified recommendation. A backlink from an authoritative website might indicate that your products, services, or website can be trusted.

Backlinks can help your website's page authority in Google's views. The more quality backlinks your website has, the more trustworthy it seems, and the more likely Google is to recommend it for visitors to visit.

What Role Do Backlinks Play in SEO?

  • Improved Domain Authority (DA)

As previously said, SEO backlinks can increase your website's page authority, signaling to Google that you're a reliable source in your industry or area.

  • Increase Your Organic Traffic

A effective backlink strategy may help your website get more organic visitors. Higher SERP rankings get you more attention and unpaid clicks.

What Are Link Building Techniques?

It will take some time and a lot of solid tactics to build high-quality backlinks. You must be aware of your present backlink profile as well as the quality of the connections your website receives.

Link building tactics are particular methods for improving your backlink profile. The strategies might be basic (enhancing your on-page content) or quite sophisticated (digital PR.)

For your backlink portfolio, here are eight link-building tactics to consider:

8 Techniques semrush link building to build a powerful backlink profile

  • Link Building Technique #1: Skyscraper Technique

Finding material that other websites are linking to and then developing your own valuable, high-quality content on the same topic or area is the Skyscraper method of link acquisition. You'll then strive to persuade powerful or trustworthy people in your market to link to your fresh content instead of the old.

The Backlink Gap tool may be used to evaluate your site's backlink profile to those of your rivals. To check which referring domains you share with competitors or which referring domains your competitors won, enter up to 5 domains in the tool's input.

To view domains that lead to your competitor's domain but not yours, use the Best filter. These are the best candidates for the Skyscraper method.

semrush backlink

To get to the landing page of the referring domain, click the right arrow. When you click on a blue link, the Backlinks Analytics tool appears, allowing you to examine the domain's backlink profile:

In the Backlink Gap tool, choose any prospects you wish to contact, then select Start Outreach to send them to a Link Building tool project:

quality backlinks

From a single interface, the Link Building tool can help you manage different link-building projects for your domain. The program compiles a list of potential link-building possibilities for your domain and keeps track of the outreach.

Obtain contact information for each domain automatically or manually. The application maintains track of your progress when you contact prospects.

get backlinks

  • Link Building Technique #2: Moving Man

Businesses sometimes leave broken links or defunct pages behind while updating their blogs or websites. With the Moving Man technique, you can use updated, comprehensive information to take advantage of these natural shifts.

Begin by locating an out-of-date or defunct web page on your competitor's website. Create a new page or edit an existing one with useful, high-quality material. You'll want your material to be as original and captivating as possible, so pay attention to the details.

Contact websites that are referring to your competitor's old page and ask them to link to your fresh, relevant material instead.

  • Link Building Technique #3: Guest Posting/Blogging

Writing and uploading compelling content to a prominent or trustworthy website, then referring back to your site, is known as guest blogging.

You don't want to overuse links in your text. Only use your website when it's absolutely necessary, and preserve your most important links for your author bio. (Confirm with the website where you'll be publishing that you'll have an author bio anywhere on the page with links.)

The material you make for your website should be equally as fascinating, informative, and accurate as the stuff you create for your guests. Remember that you're writing to a new audience, and you'll want to peak their interest in order to get them to visit your website.

Review each domain's traffic estimations using the Domain Overview tool, which includes their authority score, monthly organic search traffic, and top link anchors:

domain backlinks

After your article is published, you may use the Content Analyzer tool's Post Tracking function to track any referral traffic you receive from it, such as social shares and backlinks.

  • Link Building Technique #4: Unlinked Brand Mentions

You're seeking for businesses that mention you on social media but haven't linked to you yet using this tactic. Keep track of your mentions on social media networks like Instagram and Twitter using the Brand Monitoring tool:

find backlinks to my site

Use the Brand Monitoring tool to keep track of any brand keywords or phrases you'd like to monitor. You may also use the tool to look for mentions of your website on certain domains. Toggle the Sentiment filter to find prospects who are positively speaking about your brand and are more inclined to contribute a backlink.

You can also do a fast Google site search to see whether your website is mentioned on theirs. If not, contact the site's proprietors and give them the chance to link to a page that is relevant to their specialty or keyword.

  • Link Building Technique #5: Reclaim Lost & Broken Backlinks

This tactic works similarly to the Moving Man method. Instead of seeking for broken backlinks that used to point to your competition, you're looking for any broken backlinks that used to point to you.

To see your broken or missing backlinks, go to the Lost & Found tab in the Backlink Audit tool. To see each link by category, use the criteria below:

best backlinks

Examine why each hyperlink is broken or missing. Has the referring domain changed its content or finished a website migration? Request that the owner replace the broken link with your site's relevant information. If required, use this as a chance to refresh the web page's content.

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  • Link Building Technique #6: Digital PR

Offering excellent news items to the media that spotlight you, your company, and your products or services is part of digital PR.

You may draft a press release about a major event or development and then send it to relevant media. A backlink to your website should be included in your press release. Instead of linking to your homepage, try to link to a relevant page.

Concentrate your efforts on media websites or journalists who cover your market or niche. As much as possible, diversify your contact list, but only contact prospects who are likely to be interested in your press release.

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Using aggregation services like Business Wire to distribute your press release will help you reach publications and journalists looking for a specific article about your industry.

Unlike some of the other tactics discussed here, this one will cost you money. Before you may post, you may need to subscribe to specialized aggregation sites. In the long run, though, the ties you may form with journalists can be beneficial.

  • Link Building Technique #7: Attend Interviews & Podcasts

Interviews and podcast appearances, like guest writing, may help you reach a new audience, offer them with valuable material, and gain backlinks.

You want to be recognized as an industry expert while also gaining backlinks from credible websites with a large readership. Interviews and podcasts are often posted to these sites with bios or descriptions that link back to your website.

These forms of articles are also often shared on social media, resulting in brand mentions and other backlinks.

This strategy is more time-consuming, as you'll need to spend some time researching relevant podcasts or periodicals in your industry and promoting yourself as an expert. However, similar to Digital PR, you may develop significant relationships with journalists or creators that you might use in the future.

  • Link Building Technique #8: Offer Link for Link

This strategy dates back to the days of backlinking when firms prioritized quantity above quality. Although backlinking has changed since then, "link for link" may still be an effective tactic when done correctly.

Build your prospect list from your network of friends and business partners, then analyze each one using the Domain Overview tool. Candidates with a sizable, regular monthly following that write material relating to your area or market should be your priority. In exchange for a link on your website, you can contact them and ask them to provide a link back to it on a web page or in a blog post.

Don't be scared to give any of your website stats to show that a link on your site will be beneficial.

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This method is low-cost and promotes networking with other professionals in your field.

Use the Bulk Backlink Analysis tool to quickly examine your prospect's domains. Monitor important data like authority score and monthly visits:

best way to build backlinks

Does link building still work?

As you work to boost your site's exposure, keep in mind that link building is still one of the most powerful SEO strategies. Because Google continues to consider high-quality backlinks when determining a site's reputation, investing in a link-building strategy might result in increased rankings and conversions.

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