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How to start adsense advertising

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How to start adsense advertising

Google AdSense is a platform that allows website owners to monetize their webpages. The adverts that the program shows on a website are related to the site's content and appeal to certain qualities of its users, making it an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Sign up for Google AdWords, the advertisers' program, before submitting your firm to the AdSense network.

How to start adsense advertising
  • 1. Go to the Google AdWords website in your browser. If you don't have a Google account, create one by clicking "Create account."
  • 2. Enter a headline, description, your name or the name of your firm, the URL, and a picture for your ad. For each field, the following character limitations apply: The headline must be 25 characters long, the description must be 75 characters long, and the image must be 50 by 50 pixels.
  • 3. For the ad display placement, choose your target audience. Enter the official name of the LinkedIn Group you want to target, and your ad will only appear in that group. Visiting the organization to validate the official name is a good idea.
  • 4. For the adsense advertising, enter your daily budget and maximum bid amount. LinkedIn allows a minimum daily spend of $10 and a maximum daily budget of $1,000 as of June 2011. You can opt to pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC) for your bid amount. While there is no minimum bid amount for CPM on LinkedIn, there is a $2 minimum bid amount for CPC. The ad setting procedure is completed when you provide your credit card for billing after you've established your budget and bid amount.

How does AdSense work for advertisers?

AdSense works by finding adverts that are relevant to your site's content and visitors. Advertisers that wish to promote their products design and pay for the advertising. The amount you make will vary since these advertisers pay varying amounts for different advertising.

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